Up close and personal with Fauda star, Ala Dakka

Excitement was high as the opportunity arose to get up close and personal, albeit via Zoom, with Fauda star, Ala Dakka.

As part of the national Israel at Home campaign, the South African Zionist Federation, in conjunction with the World Zionist Organisation and the Jewish Report, was delighted to be part of the team that hosted Ala Dakka for a webinar on 23 July.

Fauda, which means chaos in Arabic, is an Israeli television series developed by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, based on their real-life experiences in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Ala Dakka’s character, Bashar, is the Season 3 star of the acclaimed Netflix series and the audience was treated to an open and honest interview with the Israeli actor. Dakka shared his insights and thoughts about the series and also spoke of his personal journey as an actor in Israel. There was no doubt of his popularity, as the well over 2000 people watching the event confirmed!

In 2016, the show took six awards, including Best Drama Series, at the Israeli Academy Awards. In December 2017, The New York Times voted Fauda the best international show of 2017 and in 2018, the show took 11 Israeli TV Academy Awards.

It was a real privilege and a definite highlight of the Israel at Home campaign to be involved with this webinar and to form a connection with one of Fauda’s engaging and talented stars.

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