Counselling volunteers call for support of vulnerable learners

Lindi, Micaela and Kaylee

Micaela Tadmor, Kaylee Kantor and Lindi Levin are volunteers at the Hope House Counselling Centre.

All three have a background in psychology and came together with a common goal of wanting to help those in need.

“We decided to do a collection after the social worker from Hope House Counselling Centre, who runs the substance abuse programme, approached us and told us about the lack of resources these Primary School children have and how desperate they are for useful items” said Kaylee.

Their situation has been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“COVID-19 resulted in many of these young children losing a lot of school time and staying at home with nothing to do. Many of us had the privilege of ‘online learning’. and we want to try our best to uplift their spirits and possibly lessen the impact this pandemic had on their well-being” explained Lindi.

The goal is to provide these young children with stimulating and productive ways to keep themselves busy. Hope House Counselling Centre does a lot of Trauma-Informed programmes and social development at these two Primary Schools, Zeekoevlei Primary and Levana Primary in Lavender Hill. The schools will be identifying children most in need and communicating this with Hope House.

“The minute we shared our poster on social media we were overwhelmed with the number of people willing to donate items. We are still waiting for many promised items to be delivered as we only shared our poster very recently but we are optimistic that the collection will be very successful” said Micaela.

The three are looking for clothes, educational games, toys and hygiene products or literally anything that could be of use for Primary School aged pupils. The collection will be running until the end of November.

Currently Micaela works at Phyllis Jowell School as an administrator, Kaylee is about to write her Board Exam to be a Registered Counsellor and Lindi works at Herzlia Weizmann as a Special Needs facilitator. Kaylee is an alumnus of King David Linksfield in Johannesburg and Micaela and Lindi are alumni of Herzlia Schools.

For details contact Micaela 0721091666, Kaylee 0825683192 or Lindi 0826115210.

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