Keeping it real – October

Over the last six months, the Cape SAJBD ran its elections for the next Cape Council, which culminated with its ‘Global Issues, Local Impact’ conference. 

What I have learnt through this process is that today, more than ever, the value of increasing global and local issues awareness and education is significant work. The Cape Jewish community is not an island, and its ability to respond will be defined by its ability to grasp the global and local issues that surround it.

The global village that we call home is transforming at a rapid pace. In this growing and changing era, there is an urgent need to include global awareness issues in formal and informal discussions in our communal structures. The modern generation is facing many challenging circumstances, and this requires our community to focus more on understanding the topics before them.

At the Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies, we believe strongly in the objective of education. If we fail to engage, educate and debate about the issues of the day, we run the risk of unpleasant consequences.

In the Kol Ha’Olam Kulo writing by Rabbi Nachman of Braslav, he writes that “the whole world is a very narrow bridge, but the important thing is not to fear at all.” While often the discussions will lead to places of discomfort, we hope that the seeds of knowledge planted will help us to cross the narrow bridge, educated and without fear.

As we enter the new term of the Cape Council, the Cape SAJBD will continue to provide the opportunity for us to engage with the vital global issues that will undoubtedly influence our local community on the tip of Africa.

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