Mensch Mitzvah Day goes virtual in 2020!

This year we will be celebrating Mitzvah Day on Sunday 29 November.

On Mitzvah Day, we give our time, to make a difference to the community around us. We may not all be able to be together in person — but we can Volunteer Virtually and have impact!

COVID-19 continues to impact both our own lives, and the livelihood of so many of our fellow South Africans already facing the daily challenge of poverty. Mitzvah Day gives us the opportunity to re-ignite our efforts to feed those who are hungry, and also, to consider how to ‘build back better’ our food systems in 2021.

VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING – how will it work?
Join Mensch this Mitzvah Day for an online global cooking class in which you will learn new recipes, connect with friends and family around the world as you cook; learn about nutrition, the food system in South Africa and what the experts are saying about what needs to happen to avoid mass hunger AND create jobs and better communities in the process. AND your hard work will feed someone in need of a nutritious meal!

FOOD-TO-GO – where will the food go and how?
In South Africa we are partnering this year with Mensch Network members SA Harvest who will receive the fruits of our labours on the day, and make sure it reaches those that need it most. As this is a global event and we look forward to people join us from Australia, the UK, USA and Israel to name a few locations, we will be suggesting food charity organisations in each location, for food to be donated!

WHAT’S ON THE MENU – our target!
Mensch will host a global cooking class on Zoom which you will join. You’ll learn a new recipe and make a hearty nutritious soup and bake your own bread! Our aim is for each household to make 4 litres of soup.

We are aiming to cook 1000 litres of soup, made by 250 people or families, from the safety of our homes! This will feed a minimum of 2000 people, that otherwise would not have eaten that day.

BEYOND COOKING – be inspired!
While your soup cooks and your bread rises, learn and be inspired about the future of food sustainability from our expert panel of speakers.

For more information and to register please visit our website.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with admin and marketing: If you are keen to assist please email

Lets make it happen, together!

Mensch Mitzvah Day this year is brought to you in association with the SA Jewish Response to COVID-19 and Beyond Campaign.

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