Alison Berk Katzeff and Paul Berman: Newly appointed to the United Jewish Campaign Board of Trustees

Paul Berman and Alison Berk Katzeff

By Jaime Uranovsky

In November, the Chairperson of the United Jewish Campaign (UJC) Board, Philip Krawitz, appointed Alison Berk Katzeff and Paul Berman as two new trustees onto the Board.

Once the appointments were accepted by the committee, Paul and Alison officially joined the rest of the Board of Trustees which currently comprises Philip Krawitz (as the Chairman), Marcel Danon, Robert Kaplan, John Rabb, Eric Samson, Dorothy Sank, Samuel Seeff, Alan Silverman, Ronnie Stein and Marco Van Embden.

The UJC functions as the Cape Town Jewish Community’s primary umbrella fundraising organisation and has three main divisions toward which it directs its efforts. The United Communal Fund (UCF) is dedicated to the Community branch; Jewish Care Cape (JCC) focuses on the Welfare division; and the Israel United Appeal (IUA) concentrates on outreach for and by Israel.

The UJC Board of Trustees then plays a pivotal role in the Community and in the UJC itself by overseeing how it is run and managed on different levels, and by offering fiduciary and strategic guidance.

On being appointed, Alison stated, “I am truly honoured to have been offered a position on the UJC Board of Trustees. I have been involved in this amazing Community for many years and hope to be able to spend many more assisting this Community towards a successful future”.

Paul said, “We must continue to be a dependable and stable anchor in the lives of those individuals and families in need who depend on us. This is where our community is exceptional: we do not wait for others to tell us how to fix things. We are the solution. I am entirely confident in the ability of our community to provide the kind of innovative leadership and compassionate social care that is required in these difficult times. I am deeply honoured to be appointed as a Trustee of the United Jewish Campaign and hope that I will be able to make a significant impact and contribution”.

Published in the print edition of the December 2020/January 2021 issue.
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