EOLI: Creating responsive and responsible leaders for the future

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (Z”L) has left us a profound treasure of Torah scholarship and a rich legacy of insights on Jewish leadership. His 7 leadership principles below reflect the vision of EOLI for a leadership pipeline, framed by his quote:

“Leaders see the destination, begin the journey, and leave behind them those who will continue it. That is enough to endow a life with immortality.”

Principle 1: Leadership begins with taking responsibility: @EOLI we value leaders who step up with self-activation and perseverance.
Principle 2: No one can lead alone: @EOLI leaders work in teams, unlocking talent of lay and professionals as partners.
Principle 3: Leadership is about the future: @EOLI we invest in leaders for continuity of community.
Principle 4: Leaders learn: @EOLI expert faculty curate immersive learning, framed by context, current theory and practice.
Principle 5: Leadership means believing in the people you lead: @EOLI leadership is about deep compassion, respect and hope.
Principle 6: Leadership involves a sense of timing and pace: @EOLI the journey of leaders starts now and evolves and adapts.
Principle 7: Leadership is stressful and emotionally demanding: @EOLI we understand complexity of community and organisations, so we reach out to build resilience, containment and collaborations.

Viv Anstey,
EOLI Director

As Project Manager and part of the EOLI team, I have an insider’s understanding of the intense planning and attention to detail that goes into customising and crafting the leadership development programme. As a participant of the programme, I am now privleged to also have an outsider’s perspective of the significant value of each module and what each faculty member brings in building the layers of our Cohort’s emerging leadership journey.

Each module arms us with a theoretical framework as well as practical application. We are immersed in both a personal and communal think tank in which we are supported and encouraged to question, research, think out of the box and take action. Moving online as a result of Covid, has had its drawbacks in terms of our bonding as a Cohort but, it has also presented us with an opportunity to embrace change in practice and to continue to step up to the plate in our commitment to community succession.

Over the past year, our Cohort has become acutely aware of the magnitude of the needs within our community as well as the immeasurable work that is being done daily to meet these needs and to envision and plan for the future in order to thrive and evolve in a continuously changing world. The programme is just the beginning of our involvement in the community. We all have a role to play and immense value to add in building and shaping our community for our children and all future generations of Cape Town Jewry.

Melissa Zolty,
EOLI Project Manager & 2020 LDP Cohort Member

EOLI plays a pivotal role in empowering and upskilling lay and professional community leaders. We invite you to join us in 2021 to embark on and/or strengthen your communal leadership path. OPT IN: Please connect with us to include you on our database: info@osrinleadership.org

For more information on The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute visit: www.osrinleadership.org

Published in the print edition of the December 2020/January 2021 issue.
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