Innovation was the key to connecting in 2020

As the end of the year approaches, so a new year approaches too.

I think we can we can all agree it’s been a very unique and interesting year, where we all had to adjust from our regular lives to our lives within the era of COVID-19. However, with change comes new opportunities.

Though 2020 was, as most would agree, a difficult year, Bnei Akiva South Africa found new and innovative ways to ensure education on Judaism and Zionism for the Jewish youth of South Africa. Whether it be a Webinar, Kahoot!, online quizzes, or social distanced events, we managed to stick to our roots and educate the youth.

And though there is no Machaneh happening in 2020, we would like to wish all our chanichim an amazing December/January holiday!

We hope to see you all back at schools and events at the beginning of next year.

Hayden Norrie, CT Chairman

Published in the print edition of the December 2020/January 2021 issue.
Download the Dec/Jan issue PDF here.

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