Relate Bracelets gifted free office space during 2020

In a selfless example of business giving back in this unprecedented time of COVID-19 when charities are under severe duress, Inospace has gifted Relate Bracelets, the 100% not-for-profit social enterprise, free office space for more than a year.

 The swift global spread of the novel coronavirus has had a devastating impact on businesses and charitable organisations alike across the spectrum, and Relate Founder Lauren Gillis hailed the benevolence of Inospace as proof that “when we stand together, we can overcome whatever challenges we encounter”.

Through the sale of its bracelets, Relate has to date raised over R60 million for more than 110 charities, allowing these organisations to feed human and animal orphans, educate children, treat diseases, teach skills, care for the frail and elderly, and ensure the provision of clean water where it’s most needed.

But like similar organisations, Relate has felt the negative effects of the financial fallout in a world where attention is mostly focused on how to curb the unrelenting pandemic. Yet, remarks CEO Neil Robinson, initiatives against poverty and poverty-related diseases have arguably never before been as important as they are at this critical time.

“We are extremely fortunate to have been given this opportunity to continue doing our all-important work,” Robinson said, adding that the 15-month partnership with South African business parks operator Inospace will help ensure Relate continues its task of raising money for charities and creating jobs for the underprivileged uninterrupted.

Relate’s new home is at Inospace’s Island Works office park in Paarden Eiland, where the organisation will benefit from the company’s pioneering approach to the provision of multi-space solutions, which come complete with a suite of innovative shared services and benefits, including staffed receptions, dedicated park managers, meeting rooms and pause areas, security and on-site cafes.

The new partnership has its roots in a charity event attended by Gillis and Jodi Sher, Inospace Marketing Director. Inspired by the important work Relate does, she proposed to Inospace CEO, Rael Levitt, that Inospace support them with free office space.

“We fully support the amazing work they have done since 2010 and are proud to be able to play a small part in the future success of this unique social enterprise model, which lives by the motto of 100% for good. Inospace isn’t just a property fund. We  have heart, an ethic that is built into our DNA,” said Sher.

“Organisations like Relate need our support now more than ever, so they can continue not only dispensing services to our most vulnerable citizens, but also sharing their recipe for success as we all try to do our part to keep on helping them to help others.” Inospace, Sher added, was launched as a platform to support businesses, with the Relate partnership a great example. 

Published in the print edition of the December 2020/January 2021 issue.
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