Philip Krawitz elected onto JAFI Board of Governors

At the end of 2020, Philip Krawitz was elected onto the Jewish Agency For Israel (JAFI) Board of Governors, after having been nominated by Keren Hayesod, an Israeli fundraising organisation in which he has been involved for many years.

On being elected, Philip says, “I was very honoured. We need to continue to support Israel when and how we can. I will work very hard to try to strengthen the link between South Africa and the Jewish Agency and to ensure a two-way relationship”.

Philip emphasised the extent of the role JAFI (the Sochnut) has played since its establishment in 1929 “to ensure that there is a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come” including its part in establishing the State of Israel.

JAFI’s mission, bringing Jews to Israel and Israel to the Jews, encapsulates Philip’s core values. He explains, “We now have an entire generation who never knew the time when the State of Israel did not exist. We all have to realise how privileged we are! One of the powerful goals that I am going to try to ensure is that our children and grandchildren grow up understanding the importance and the centrality of Israel in their lives that Israel will always be there for them.”

Philip’s broader goals include connecting Jews in the diaspora; educating Jews in South Africa about Israel through JAFI’s various programmes, such as through bringing shlichim to South Africa; and promoting Aliyah through, for example, Masa or Birthright.

He adds, “I’m optimistic that we are going to be entering into a very constructive phase of working with Israel, in the interest of Israel and in the interest of Jews in the diaspora. I look forward to the opportunity and will do my best to maintain those links both ways as passionately as I can”.

The Board comprises 120 individuals from all over the world and his appointment runs through 2022.

Published in the print edition of the February 2021 issue. Download the February 2021 issue PDF here.

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