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We would like to thank all our family and friends for their love, support and kindness shown on the passing of our dear mom. Thank you for all the calls, messages and meals during Shiva, which were so much appreciated.

Special thanks to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wineberg and Rabbi and Rebbetzin Liebenberg for their heartfelt support.

Our mom will be missed and is deeply mourned by her children Brian and Adele, Ivan and Dianne, Melanie and Lawrence, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

11/4/1947 – 13/1/2021
We wish to thank family, friends, Rabbi Bernstein and the Milnerton Shul for their support, love and kindness shown on the sudden passing of our husband, father and grandfather, as well as various organisations who have expressed their condolences.  

Brian will be missed by his beloved wife, Barbara, children, Michael and Saul, daughters-in-law Sigal and Lara, and grandchildren Sophia, Noah and Jacob.

We wish to thank Rabbi Liebenberg as well as our family and wonderful friends, far and wide, for their love, kindness and support shown to us on the unexpected passing of our beloved husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather. 

Len is deeply mourned and will be in our hearts forever.
Marianne, Tony, Sherice and Jesse

HaRav Zvi ben Yeshayahu ve’Frayda a’h
םימשבש ויבא ןוצר תושעל יבצכ ץר
Swift as a deer (Zvi) to do the will of His Father in Heaven. (Ethics of the Fathers 5:20)
Grateful thanks from the whole family for the outpouring of love, respect, support and appreciation shown to us after the passing of our dear husband, father, grandfather and brother.

The messages are so very comforting. Please accept our sincere apologies if we have not managed to respond to your message personally — we have read them all and will cherish them.

Many people have shared how Rabbi Maizels touched them deeply, and how their interaction with him led them to be more careful in their mitzvah observance or interpersonal relations.

We ask that, in his memory, you try to emulate in a concrete manner one characteristic that you admired in him — either through increased observance of a specific mitzvah or enhanced interpersonal relations. In this way his memory will live on in all our hearts and through our actions. May all the good done in his memory be for the eilui neshama (elevation of the soul) of Rav Zvi ben Yeshayahu ve’ Frayda.

We thank Hashem for the gift of sharing our lives with such a special person.
Esther Maizels
Hillel and Yael Maizels; Hodaya, Elisheva, Ayelet, Noam and Miriam
Ora and Zvi Davidson; Temima, Chananya, Sarah, Moriah, Elisheva, Avigail, Yisrael and Rachel
Yael and Ariel Harati; Adi, Shira, Noa, Hallel, Yehuda, Ori, Roi and Shaked
Gila and Dotan Frangi; Emuna Mayim
Barbara Kahn; Heather and Alan Sacks

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