And so, the rollout begins…

Highlands House resident Carrol Schonberg receives her first Pfizer shot. (Photo: Ashraf Hendricks, GroundUp)

Thursday 27 May was a milestone day at Highlands House, as residents received the first of their Pfizer vaccines.

A three-step system was implemented, with residents taken through registration, innoculation, and then a 15-minute waiting period, where they could be monitored for any potential side-effects.

Staff and residents alike are looking forward to the increased freedom that this will bring, although Highlands House is taking a cautious step-by-step approach to loosening restrictions.

Earlier in the month, Highlands House and Cape Jewish Seniors Association staff were vaccinated, and many members of the community took the initiative of going to sites that catered for walk-ins. (proof of registration was required)

For David and Hazel Cohen, this development means that they are that much closer to meeting their 5-week-old grandson in person for the first time.

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