Faltering hope on the Israel-Gaza border

Path to Peace is a collaborative mosaic artwork, expressing a dream of hope and love.

It is located on the border wall that divides the Gaza Strip and Israel, adjacent to the homes of Moshav Netiv HaAsara. It can be seen from both sides of the gray security wall, completely transforming the environment. Artist Tsameret Zamir has lived on Moshav Netiv HaAsara for 20 years and is the creator of the project.

Sadly, the recent war has had a devastating effect on the optimism that was created by this project.

In an email to the Chronicle, Tsameret wrote, “The decoration on the border wall was meant to create an atmosphere of hope. Each visitor wrote a wish on a mosaic they chose and pasted it on the wall. It was a place that brought optimism for a safe life in the area.

I am traumatised and scared of the hard experiences I went through, a powerful terror that repeatedly threatens my life. I have difficulty functioning, breathing and I’m crying all the time. I stopped working, I am afraid to leave the house… Hoping for quieter and better days.”

• Published in the PDF edition of the June 2021 issue – Download here.

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