A letter from Isaac Herzog

Ms Chaya Singer
Executive Director
South Africa Zionist Federation
Cape Town

Jerusalem, Sivan 5781
June 2021

Dear Chaya,

Thank you for your gracious message which I was so pleased to receive.

Three years ago, I was honored to assume Chairmanship of The Jewish Agency Israel, the historic organization which laid the foundation to the State of Israel.

Today, I feel exceedingly privileged and profoundly humbled for having been elected 11th President of the State of Israel — land of my forefathers, land of my sons. The gratitude which fills my heart is second only to the passion with which I approach this esteemed role. Serving Am Yisrael in Israel and across the globe as president is an extraordinary opportunity, and a challenge I embrace with every fiber of my being.

The South Africa Zionist Federation (Cape Council) which you lead has been an important, valued partner and I look forward to cooperating further to promote the noble missions we share.

Guided by my faith, confident in the power of change and encouraged by the ability to unify — I welcome your support and I am eager to get to work.

Sincerely yours
Isaac Herzog
Chairman of the Executive
President elect of the State of Israel

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• Published in the PDF edition of the July 2021 issue.

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