Navigating the age of informed ignorance with Dr Zohar Raviv

Dr Zohar Raviv

Justin Asher, Chairperson of Cape SAJBD’s Generation Next subcommittee

On Sunday 23 May, the Cape SAJBD’s Generation Next subcommittee — a group of students dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering the youth of the Cape Town Jewish community — hosted a discussion led by Dr Zohar Raviv with group of students and young adults.

In his profound sense-making style, Dr Raviv is considered a ‘constructive disruptor’ who is able to construct reason and rationale out of complexity.

The two-hour seminar, Bombardment of Info vs Knowledge — Navigating the Age of Informed Ignorance, was an interactive session in which Dr Raviv provided amazing insight into the balance of information to which one has access via various media outlets, and the way one responds and engages those whose opinions are formed through ignorance, disinformation and distortion.

With plenty to think about after his opening lecture, participants were given the opportunity to share real-life experiences where they could put Dr Raviv on the spot and receive guidance on how to deal with issues they had brought to the table — issues which stem from their daily lives, right here in the Mother City.

This session was incredibly informative and offered a valuable opportunity to engage with one of the most respected thought-leaders in Israel. His counselling on everyday matters provided direction to those who find it difficult to engage in their daily lives, as he offered solutions and advice in his responses.

Dr Raviv’s analysis of the ignorance that fuels social media made sense to the young adults who took the time to attend his session, at the end of a week of war and wounds, and the war of words.

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• Published in the PDF edition of the July 2021 issue.

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