Bringing Shabbat to Sea Point Place

Hymie Dorfman is a long-time and well-known resident of Sea Point.

He recently moved to Sea Point Place, and was struck by the fact that although a fair number of Jewish residents live there, supper in the communal dining room on Friday evenings were no different to any other day of the week. He mentioned to his daughter, Martine Chait, that it would be nice to do something to make Friday nights special for the Jewish residents.

Together with Norrie caterers, they came up with a plan — and Martine and her husband Louis arranged for Norries to deliver something special every Friday, before Shabbat, to Sea Point Place. Thanks to Hymie, they now enjoy a weekly Shabbat meal, complete with Kiddush (recited by Hymie), candles, and treats such as challah rolls with chopped liver, mock-crayfish or chicken soup and perogen.

This will continue weekly on rotation and has certainly brought joy to the Jewish residents of Sea Point Place. Thanks to Hymie, Martine and Louis, and Norrie’s for making this happen.

• Published in the PDF edition of the September 2021 issue – Get the PDF here.

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