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The Night Swim by Megan Goldin

THE NIGHT SWIM by MEGAN GOLDIN. Rachel Krail, a true crime podcast host of Guilty or Not Guilty comes to the small town of Neapolis to cover a devastating rape trial. Champion swimmer Scott Blair is to be tried for the rape of high school student Kelly Moore. Rachel struggles to remain impartial, and when she receives notes from the sister of another murder victim she realises that these two assaults might be linked.

The Lost Shtetl by Max Gross

THE LOST SHTETL by MAX GROSS. The tiny Jewish shtetl of Kreskol that has lived for decades in isolation, escaping the devastations of the Holocaust and the Cold War, is forced into the 21st century. Following the disappearance of Pesha, and then her husband, the Elders send outcast Yankel to alert the Polish authorities. He is confronted by a modern world and met with disbelief. The village makes headlines worldwide and the townspeople face the challenge of holding onto past traditions. Entertaining and imaginative, reminiscent of Sholem Aleichem.

Friends And Enemies by Barbara Amiel

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES by BARBARA AMIEL. After a childhood in London during the Blitz, Barbara settled in Canada, becoming a respected columnist and broadcaster, and befriending many, including Nancy Kissinger, Elton John and Oscar de la Renta. Barbara’s press quotes and extravagant lifestyle made her a subject of fascination over four decades. A brutally honest, richly detailed memoir.

Judaism’s Life-Changing Ideas by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

JUDAISM’S LIFE-CHANGING IDEAS by RABBI JONATHAN SACKS. A captivating book providing insightful lessons from each Torah portion. Rabbi Sacks includes topics such as prejudice and genocide, marriage and communication, emotional intelligence and gossip. Every sentence rings true in this COVID-19 world in need of repair. Sacks covers the full range of human experience with passion, humour and wit.

Agent Sonya by Ben Macintyre

AGENT SONYA by BEN MACINTYRE. Born to a secular Jewish family from Berlin, Ursula joined the Communists in her teens. Her career in espionage began in 1930 under the code name Sonya, after she relocated to Shanghai; and took her to Poland, Switzerland and eventually England. A story of ambition, romance and adventure about a spy who influenced the Cold War.

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles

THE PARIS LIBRARY by JANET SKESLIEN CHARLES. Paris 1939, Odile Souchet has a dream job at the American Library. When the Nazis invade, she endangers herself by delivering books to Jewish patrons. She joins the Resistance, and after the war, experiences betrayal. Odile teaches French to Lily, a lonely teenager living next door to her in Montana in the 1980s, and reveals details of her life in Paris. Lily finds that they share more than a love of language.

The Jewish World Of Elvis Presley by Roselle Kline Chartock

THE JEWISH WORLD OF ELVIS PRESLEY by ROSELLE KLINE CHARTOCK. The author shares the deep affinity Elvis had with Jews. At a young age his mother Gladys told him of his Jewish great-great grandmother Nancy Burdine, an immigrant from Lithuania, but warned him to keep his lineage to himself. Chartock discusses his personal relationships with Jews in Memphis including merchants and those in the music and film industry. A captivating read for fans of this 20th century icon.

Isresilience by Michael Dickson And Naomi L. Baum

ISRESILIENCE by MICHAEL DICKSON and NAOMI L. BAUM. The study of a nation that thrived despite significant challenges. Featuring inspirational Israelis including human rights icon Natan Sharansky; Holocaust survivor Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau; the first Druze woman elected to the Knesset Gadeer Kamal Mreeh; and others, who honour both their Israeli identity and their ethnic origins.

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