The comfort of being informed and able to make choices

The third wave has, once again, made it necessary for all of us to be extremely careful and to isolate ourselves as much as possible.

Hopefully all CJSA members and senior citizens have received their vaccinations. This does not prevent anyone getting COVID, but it is hoped that if you do, it won’t be as severe as for those who have not had the vaccination. We will continue to assist those who are isolating in every possible way, with Shabbat meals, our variety of daily Zoom programmes and regular interaction with the social workers.

Our new weekly music programme is proving to be a hit. Each week the group enjoys getting together to practice, and after a few weeks we are hoping to join up with a similar group in the UK to share a special virtual concert. We know that it is not the same as being together as a choir, but the challenges are exciting and, most importantly, the participants are having a good experience.

The Annual Ot Azey week has been enjoyed by our Yiddish group for 13 years. We have been hosting wonderful Yiddish mornings on Zoom with our beginners and intermediate members who share a love for the language. With Zoom we are able to grow the group, and we now have people joining from the all over South Africa, UK, Belgium and Lithuania. The 14th Ot Azey celebration included participants from previous years as well as the team who have previously hosted the week.

The Zoom classes have opened many doors, and members are finding their roots and having discussions about where their family members originated.

Getting your affairs in order is a document that our team has been working on for a while. Unfortunately, during the last 20 months we have witnessed a number of people losing a loved one. End-of-life issues is not a subject that anyone really wants to face, but as hard as this is, there are ways to make the topic easier to address. This can be done by taking steps to ensure that both you and your family are prepared, and that all important issues are addressed. The prepared document is fairly long, and it is suggested that you take the time to go through it, preferably with a family member or close and trusted friend.

To make the task easier, we are preparing to set up at least one Zoom session to go through the document and answer questions about the content. This will be advertised in our weekly schedule of events.

Some of the information given in the document is:
• How to get your important papers in order, discussing your health issues with trusted family members.
• Put your important papers and copies of legal documents in one place.
• Discuss end-of-life preferences with your doctor and family.
• Give permission in advance for your doctor or lawyer to talk with your caregiver or family as needed.
• Making informed decisions and giving directives.
• Consider your personal values and medical priorities
• Appointing a medical proxy
• Important legal documents you might need
• Understanding treatment options that might be needed.

We know that all of our members really want us to open our doors so that we can once again meet in person. As much as the Zoom meetings are enjoyed and the team constantly strives to improve each session, we know that it is not the same as sitting and chatting face-to-face whilst enjoying a cup of tea with a friend. We are hoping that this wave will subside soon and also that the majority of our members will be vaccinated, which will enable us to open up shortly. We promise that as soon as it is safe to do so, it will be done. We are guided by CSO and the team of doctors who are COVID experts.

Rosh Hashanah and the High Holy days are upon us. The CJSA team joins me in wishing each member and our Executive Committee a Happy and Healthy New Year. While I am sure that we won’t be celebrating with large groups as we have done in the past years, we can certainly enjoy the festivals, focusing on the importance of them. May the year 5782 bring good health, prosperity and happiness to all.

Diana Sochen – Executive Director

Social and Personal
Even during the lockdown period, there have been numerous occasions of celebration.

We welcome new members:
Daylene Segal, Arthur and Ruth Hovis, Jeff Marsden, Jose Morris

Welcome and Mazaltov to the families celebrating births.
Sadie Grazziani — Great-grandson

Barmitzvah mazaltov to families celebrating Barmitzvah:
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Deren Family on the Barmitzvah of Menachem

Special Birthday:
Alec Cohen

Our sincere condolences to members and families of members who have recently passed away:-
Eileen Braudo on the passing of her husband, Cedric
The family of Noel Cohen
Eunice Mofsowitz on the passing of her husband Leon
Louis Wachtel, husband of Jeanne and brother of Freda Kahanowitz

Those who are able to sponsor a Shabbat Meal can do so, and will receive a gift card which can be given as a gift.
Above is an image of the beautiful card that is sent to you, acknowledging your donation to Merle’s Shabbat Meals.

CJSA Kiddush wine
Available throughout the year for your Shabbat Meals and more.
Contact our office: 021 434 9691 or email Amanda at to place your order.
Each bottle costs R80.00, and if you purchase three or more, we will deliver.

Daily Zoom programme
Please join us for our daily Zoom programme which is available on our Facebook page. Every day is special with a varied and exciting session. Extend yourself and learn something new every week.

Cape Jewish Seniors Association
Director: Diana Sochen, 021 434 9691,
Admin: Amanda, 021 434 9691,
CJSA on Facebook

Sea Point: 021 434 9691
Milnerton: Hajiera Safidien–Maloon 021 555 1736
S/Suburbs: Monique Nieuwenhuys 021 761 7960
W/Coast: Stacey Melmed 074 405 5186

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