Netzer — Shnat 2021: From Israel to Poland

Machon Cohort 141

By Rachael Bootcov

Our Netzer Shnatties had the most moving experience in Poland. It sounds like it was both an incredible and incredibly challenging journey and a very memorable time in their Shnat Netzer experience.

“I feel the concept of meaning is dependent on the perception of the individual, each person having their own definition of what meaning is to them. This dictates what they decide provides this sense of meaning or fulfillment within their lives. This past week in Poland, learning about the Holocaust, has made it difficult to believe that anyone in that position could ever find meaning for anything. But hearing about how people still found hope, and fought for their survival, really inspired and convinced me that it is possible for one to find meaning in whatever situation, as long as you’re still WILLING to find it.” — Ghaim Atash

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