For our final term of 2021, we are focusing on music

The Salisbury House Band in session: Noa Schapiro, Wana da Silva and Tayah Weir

Through exploring music, children can find natural connection to mathematics, science, reading, writing, and performing arts.

Music allows them to express themselves in a unique way, which motivates their learning and helps build their self-confidence. It also helps children connect to other cultures and understand the world around them.

For the first month of the term we focused on the four instrument families of the orchestra: percussion, string, brass and woodwind instruments. We learnt the definition of each family and explored the instruments within the family. We also learnt to differentiate the sounds made by the instruments without seeing them being played — this was tricky! Rabbi Emma from Temple Israel is coming to play guitar for us, while we keep the rhythm with our Djembe drums.

We went on a fantastic outing to STFD Studios in Woodstock. We were introduced to the recording studio, where each child got to try out the drum set and microphones. We even staged our own show! We were then taken into the editing room where we were shown how the sounds, instruments and vocals are mixed and edited to get the finished product of a song or recording. We were lucky enough to hear the still unreleased single of an up-and-coming South African artist!

The children are now going to start interviewing significant adults in their life to hear about their favourite singers and bands. We will then leap into our final weeks, where we will explore different genres of music, from hiphop to punk, rap to rock.

Visit the Salisbury House website or email for more information.

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