Mensch Network

Meet (some of) our Mensch Network members working to ensure people don’t go hungry in South Africa.

Their work focuses on both the immediate food security crises, as well as systemic long-term solutions for a more sustainable food economy. Their work includes:
• Urban Food Programmes
• Food Banks
• Food Kitchens
• Food Gardens
• Food Rescue
• Health & Nutrition Education
• School Feeding Programmes
• Local Food Economies
• Technology Solutions
• and employment.

Click on the links below to learn more about their work!

Genevieve Solomons
Anna Shevel
Ben Getz
Danny Diliberto
Danielle Klaff
Esta Levitas
Galit Cohen
Isa Lee Jacobs
Cliff Rosen
Alan Browde
Dalia Katz
Melanie Berman
Karen Kallman
Barbara Miller
Margolite Williams | Mensch on Facebook | Mensch on Instagram

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