Sale of Herzlia Constantia Secures UHS Future

When the founders of Herzlia School opened the doors of its first class in 1940, there was one thought only with regards to its future, which is reflected in our school’s crest:

“Our people will survive; and not only will we survive, we will flourish and ensure that our young children will be proud, knowledgeable Jews. We will provide them with an anchor, with a safe harbour, where they will thrive and continue to learn what it means to be Jewish, in both good and turbulent times’’.

The passage of time often comes with change. In order to ensure the sustainability of the world class education UHS is proud to offer its students, there had to be some sacrifices. This came 18 months ago in the form of the closure of our Constantia campus – which was a tough, emotional decision for everyone involved. 

Today we’re pleased to announce that after a long and rigorous open tender process, with an independent committee carefully following due process, assessing each offer put forward, a deal has been signed between ourselves and the Rabie Property Group. This proposal in particular stood out as delivering value to our community more than any other proposal.

In keeping with the beauty and peacefulness of the area, they will be developing and opening a retirement village on the land. 

We’re thrilled also to announce that a small section of the land has been retained for the Herzlia Kerem Pre-Primary campus. This will continue to be home for children from 18 months to Grade R, providing them with the vital, sound and safe start to their educational life in the picturesque surroundings the school is known for. From here, the children are welcomed at Herzlia Highlands campus in the City Bowl to complete their schooling up to matric.

Something that was very important to the UHS and the broader community, was the retention of the Constantia Hebrew Congregation in close proximity to our school and we’re pleased to report that they will be comfortably accommodated in this new section of our remaining property.

This has been a difficult journey but one that we are confident will see us continuing to do the best we can possibly do for the Jewish children of Cape Town, providing them with the finest education for generations to come.

As our motto, taken from the wise words of Theodor Herzl, says ‘Im tirtzu, ein zo aggadah’ – ‘If you will it, it is no dream’. This dream will live on and grow for all our pupils.

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