Ex-Herzlia boys develop market-beating investment opportunity

The brains behind the scenes are two ex-Herzlia boys, Harry Scherzer and Josh Kotlowitz.


Cape Town-based company Future Forex is attracting attention with a new way to make money for their clients through digital asset arbitrage.

Future Forex, a registered Financial Service Provider (FSP 51884) for currency remittance, estimates that clients can make up to R200,000 annually via their automated and low-risk trading platform. At the time of writing, Future Forex has processed more than R1.9 billion in trades, has generated an average annualised return of over 70% for its clients and has a track record of 100% profitability. With an ever-growing team of 21 skilled professionals, Future Forex is poised to increase their market share over the coming years.

The two brains behind the scenes are ex-Herzlia boys, Harry Scherzer and Josh Kotlowitz. As co-founders of Future Forex, Scherzer and Kotlowitz have used their complementary skill-sets to create an innovative and profitable company that offers clients an alternative way to generate market-beating returns in a low-risk manner. Scherzer is an actuary by trade, having graduated from UCT with a strong financial and risk-management background. Kotlowitz matriculated from Herzlia in 2010 and went on to graduate top of his class at UCT and University College London, where he received his MSc in Space Science and Engineering with distinction.

Kotlowitz and Scherzer had been investigating digital asset arbitrage separately for several years prior to partnering. In their individual capacities they were investing their own funds and enjoying exceptional returns. A chance encounter at an Ohr Somayach event led them to realise that they both wanted to create something new; and that each had the grit and skills needed to build a business. Future Forex was born out of this partnership and began trading client funds in mid-2020.

As Chief Executive Officer of Future Forex, Scherzer heads up the company’s business development, trading desk, and strategic oversight, while also taking a hands-on approach to building close relationships with his clients. Kotlowitz is Chief Technical Officer and leads the product development and automation teams. His comprehensive technical engineering and software background allows him to focus on trading efficiency, streamlining the client experience, and exploring new investment opportunities.

Future Forex’s unique business model allows clients to maximise their returns with minimal risk. This is achieved through a process referred to as digital asset arbitrage. It involves buying a digital asset such as Bitcoin on an offshore exchange and instantly selling it on a South African exchange at a profit. This is possible because digital assets are usually cheaper to buy overseas, but hold higher value in South Africa due to greater demand and less availability. Digital assets typically trade at a 2% to 4% premium in South Africa. Arbitrage allows you to capitalise on this market inefficiency by buying the asset at a cheaper price on the overseas market and selling it at a higher price locally. This process is repeated multiple times throughout the year for each client, generating exceptional returns. Unlike buying actual digital assets, which are very volatile, investing in digital asset arbitrage is a low-risk process.

To minimise risk, Future Forex has developed a fully hedged trading system that ensures clients are not exposed to any foreign exchange or digital asset fluctuations to which they would otherwise be vulnerable when performing digital asset arbitrage. Their fully hedged system is achieved by executing the buying and selling of digital assets simultaneously, thereby pocketing the price differential. This allows Future Forex to reliably predict a client’s return on their trade at the instant it is being executed. Clients can choose to set a minimum return, and Future Forex will only initiate a trade if this target will be met or exceeded. Future Forex’s proprietary software constantly tracks the market throughout the day to ensure that any sudden increase in price differential can be capitalised on for their clients.

The beauty of this system is that profits are low-risk and quite predictable. Profit is dependent on the amount invested per year, and the amount of annual foreign exchange allowance utilised.

South Africans are permitted by law to send up to R11 million abroad per calendar year. This comprises a R1 million single discretionary allowance and a R10 million foreign investment allowance. When investing in digital asset arbitrage, a portion of your foreign exchange allowance is used each time your funds are sent abroad to purchase digital assets. This caps the total value that an individual can invest within one year, effectively limiting the profit that can be made annually to a maximum of around R200,000 per annum. It is both a blessing and a curse, in that the foreign exchange allowance limits an individual’s total profit, yet is the very reason this arbitrage opportunity exists in the first place.

Future Forex has developed systems to automate and streamline the trading process, making the experience hassle-free. As a client you have access to an expert team of dedicated professionals whose goal is to maximise your profit. Each client is assigned a Relationship Manager to guide them through the process step-by-step and to make the experience as simple as possible. Clients are assisted in registering a Future Forex account, and in opening a foreign exchange account with Mercantile Bank (Capitec Bank’s Business Division). The trading process then becomes a simple three-step exercise.

Firstly, funds are sent to a clients’ offshore account, trades are then executed by Future Forex’s in-house traders using automated and proprietary software, and finally profits are returned to the client’s local bank account. Clients are able to trade multiple times per year until reaching their foreign exchange allowance cap, and can enjoy returns exceeding 100% per year.

Future Forex does not take any management fees for their service. Rather, to ensure that their clients’ interests are aligned with their own, Future Forex takes a percentage of profits earned. One of the chief reasons Future Forex use this model is their desire for an alignment of interests between the company and their clients. Transparency is another key ethos for the company. Clients receive detailed statements highlighting their return and the costs involved at the completion of each trading cycle. There are zero hidden costs, and open communication is highly prized.

If you would like to invest in this exceptional opportunity, you can visit https://futureforex.co.za/register to get started.
Alternatively, contact the Future Forex team on info@futureforex.co.za or 021 518 0558 to learn more.

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