Enjoying being part of the community again

Milnerton Members enjoying the 1st birthday tea since COVID

It is really wonderful to welcome our members back into our centres again.

The dynamics are very different at each branch. Milnerton members are meeting every day and are fully committed to the programme, enjoying a variety of activities and outings. They celebrated Valentines Day in style with a super lunch, and the first Birthday Pop-in morning in two years, which was a very special event indeed. Daniel Bloch, Director of the Cape SAJBD paid a visit that coincided with the birthday morning, and members certainly enjoyed hearing community updates and getting to know him.

West Coast members are thoroughly enjoying their new home and the activities that they’ve had there. Outings are a highlight for them too, and social worker Stacey keeps in regular contact via Whatsapp so that members are fully aware of what is offered every week.

Southern Suburbs members are slowly returning to the centre but prefer going on outings to being active at the centre. The members of this branch are happy to continue being active with our Zoom programme rather than physically attending. The library is well used and members are steadily popping in to chat to Social Worker Monique who is keeping a keen eye on any members requiring extra assistance.

Our founding branch, Sea Point, is the one branch where we are having difficulty in encouraging members to return to activities. Only a handful of people are coming to all the activities on offer. They are enjoying super outings, activities such as yoga, bridge, kalooki, craft and mosaic classes which are thoroughly enjoyed. We would love to have the centre humming with active members again. The weekly programme is distributed via email and Whatsapp. We hosted a super Valentines tea with talented Zola entertaining with much-loved songs, and will also be hosting a Purim lunch as well as a lunch at Chabad house.

A warm welcome Jaime Lee Mocke, our new Sea Point Social Worker who commences her position this month. She will be making herself known to members by phoning to introduce herself, and will certainly welcome anyone popping in to our Bellevue Road home to get to know her.

We are making every effort to ensure that the senior members of our community are aware of what we have on offer as we believe that it is most important to keep each one part of our incredible community, instead of apart and isolated.

COVID has created a huge divide, with many still being afraid to leave their homes to venture out and reintegrate into the community. Our team is very aware of the concerns of our members and we have discerned that there are many psychological concerns. Generalised anxiety and associated mental health concerns, social anxiety and associated mental health concerns, depression, loneliness, poor sleep quality as well as cognitive decline and physical frailty have been found from assessments made at the branches. This highlights the importance of the CJSA as a valuable resource in the community.

We offer:

  • Counselling services are offered by qualified professionals. All counselling consultations are strictly confidential. Counselling is conducted onsite (office counselling), at home (home visits), and online via Zoom based on members’ requests.
  • A sense of community — Senior members of the community stay connected and maintain social connections.
  • A sense of purpose and involvement in the community.
  • Daily routines — and room to create new routines if circumstances change.
  • Improved holistic stimulation (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual)
  • Engagement for senior members of the community, in healthy activities that are enjoyable and relaxing.

Our team ensures that the CJSA is an asset for senior members of the community. If you live in Cape Town, you are fortunate to belong to an organisation that provides these services. We can confirm with the CJSA is the envy of many people living outside of the Cape Town community. Our team values being part of and able to deliver services to the community, and look forward to being of service to all.

We look forward to welcoming you to any of our branches and hope to see you soon.

Diana Sochen, Executive Director

Social and Personal
We congratulate our members who have celebrated joyous occasions in the last month.
Marriage — June Hayman and Rosemary Magid — Marriage of daughter and granddaughter.
Special Birthday wishes to: Golda Sher 89, Jessie Trackman 95
Special Anniversary wishes to: Grace and Archie Pick, 65 years

We welcome new members to CJSA: Maxine Boyd, Esther Mair, Necia and Mokkie Miller, Melanie Osrin

Wishes of strength to those who are not well: Les Vides

Our thoughts and condolences to family members of CJSA members who have recently passed away: Family and friends of Hilary Osrin
Our thoughts are with Hazel Levin and her family on the passing of her mom, Rose Margolis

Cape Jewish Seniors Association
Director: Diana Sochen, 021 434 9691, director@cjsa.org.za
Admin: Amanda, 021 434 9691, admin@cjsa.org.za
CJSA on Facebook

Sea Point: 021 434 9691
Milnerton: Hajiera Safidien–Maloon 021 555 1736
S/Suburbs: Monique Nieuwenhuys 021 761 7960
W/Coast: Stacey Melmed 074 405 5186

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