Jacob Gitlin Library April 2022

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THE MATZAH BALL by JEAN MELTZER. Rabbi’s daughter Rachel has a secret: she loves Christmas. She has built her career writing Christmas romance novels under a pen name. She also has a chronic illness. She is taken by surprise when her publisher asks her to write a Hanukkah romance. She hopes that the holiday of lights will provide her with the literary spark she needs. Heartwarming, romantic, and funny.

MISS DIOR: A story of courage and couture by JUSTINE PICARDIE. Fashion historian Picardie focuses on Catherine Dior’s life. Catherine joined the French Resistance, was sent to Ravensbruck and after escaping a death march, made her way back to Paris. A courageous woman, who became a footnote to her brother, despite him honouring her with his signature perfume. Includes exquisite family and historical photographs.

THIS MUCH IS TRUE by MIRIAM MARGOYLES. In her marvellous memoir, Miriam, aged 80, writes a warm and honest story of her life with all its surprises. From declaring her love for Vanessa Redgrave, to being told to be quiet by the Queen, she is inimitable. Her theatre stories and anecdotes about Scorsese, Streisand, DiCaprio, Isiah Berlin and others are a highlight. She describes her adored family, friends and colleagues.

EVERY DAY IS AN OPENING NIGHT by DES AND DAWN LINDBERG. A deeply personal memoir tracing the duo’s
55-year career. As musicians, performers and songwriters they were legends of the South African entertainment industry. From singing folk songs to performing and producing major musicals. Tragically, Dawn never lived to see publication and this book honours her life and celebrates their time together.

THE TAMING OF THE JEW by TUVIA TENENBOM. Israeli author Tenenbom undertook a six-month exploration of the UK and Ireland, to investigate British and Irish attitudes to Jews and Israel. He encountered very strong pro-Palestinian feeling and frightening ignorance. Tenenbom finds that anti-Semitism is alive and flourishing in England. The theme is amusingly frank as he records his humorous encounters.

STUDIES IN SPIRITUALITY: A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible by RABBI JONATHAN SACKS. Sacks explains that spirituality is not the same as religion. Although there is an authoritative code of Jewish law, he helps the reader find their own spiritual path, their own way to the Divine Presence. His brilliant essays follow the weekly Parsha and reveal the spiritual messages concealed at different levels in the sacred texts.

A TASTE FOR LIFE: How the Spur legend was born by ALLEN AMBOR. The autobiography of Spur founder Allen Ambor. An inside look at his life, how his franchising took off, how his menu was designed and other secrets, including how, aged 26, he would tell diners that his aunt and uncle were in the kitchen to give the reassuring, yet false impression it was a family business. Spur lovers will get a taste of Allen’s life.

FOREST OF VANISHING STARS by KRISTEN HARMEL. Yona was stolen from her wealthy German parents and raised in the wilderness of Eastern Europe. In 1941 she encounters a group of Jewish refugees and teaches them how to survive in the forest. When she is betrayed and escapes into a German-occupied village, her past and present collide and culminate in a terrifying climax. A sweeping novel from a best-selling author.

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From all at the Gitlin Library — May Passover be joyous for you and yours this year!

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