Census 2022: urgent action required

Please see this communication from Alan Winde (via Twitter) dated 26 April below:

“I am sounding the alarm that the Western Cape is lagging far, far behind the rest of the country in the 2022 census count. According to StatsSA, those counted in the Western Cape stand at approximately 55.5%, while the average number counted in the country stands at 87%. This is especially concerning given that we have just 4 days left until the extended count comes to an end on 30 April 2022.

If it stays this way, we will be perceived to have a lower population than we actually have, despite significant population growth, and this will impact budget allocations through the Provincial Equitable Share and other allocations and resources raised nationally.

I urgently call on residents to play their part & get counted. Please also ask your colleagues, friends and family whether they have been counted and encourage or help them to do so if they haven’t yet.”

The most efficient way to be counted is almost certainly to click on the following link: https://getcounted.statssa.gov.za/#!/home

Please circulate quickly and widely.


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