General studies curriculum at Cape Town Torah High School

Esti Hecht exploring Robotics

By Daniella Conibear 

While Cape Town Torah High may be more associated in the public eye with its Torah educational offering, our General Studies curriculum is breaking ground with an innovative and unique academic programme catering to the modern student and the modern world. 

Schools in the twenty-first century are tasked with preparing students for a world that does not exist yet and at CTTH we have curated our secular subject offering to meet this challenge. Our classrooms teach both the practical tools needed as foundations for future careers and empower the critical thinking and independence needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.

In high school, our students have the choice of over 100 internationally accredited courses to choose from when working towards their high school diploma. Additionally, when a student graduates from CTTH they would have had the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Languages, Politics and History; with most of our students graduating with at least three AP courses. In addition, we have also implemented unique practical courses to provide a well-rounded education and to give students the opportunity to find their voice and express themselves, be that through Art, Drama, Music or Fashion and Design. 

Another integral way that we are equipping our students for the future is through our cutting edge STEM curriculum. Through learning both the practical and theoretical aspects of Computer Science, students have the opportunity to explore this field and specialise in coding, robotics, web design, app development and more. 

A pivotal component of our educational offering is also the Humanities and Social Sciences. Central to our educational philosophy is that we want to equip our students to leave school as mindful, active young adults ready to contribute to their community, their country and the world. By learning South African and global history students gain a strong sense of identity, and this is complemented by our unique Inside Israel curriculum that all students take during high school. 

A cornerstone of our WASC accreditation is the mandate to instill global competency in our curriculum and this is why we introduced our graduation project, Litrom be-Yachad. Through this, students are given the opportunity to explore the Cape Town Jewish community and learn real life skills in the workplace while gaining an understanding of the important work that the community is doing. 

A day in the life of CTTH is marked by agility and flexibility. While studying a dual-curriculum, students still have the opportunity to take part in workshops, sport, student societies and more. Gone are the days when students survived high school. At CTTH we tailor each student’s academic trajectory for them to thrive and excel in whichever path they choose. 

Cape Town Torah High

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