High School learners get exposure to the scope, services and challenges of community organisations

On Friday 25 March, in a collaboration between The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute (EOLI) and UHS, Herzlia matrics of 2022 participated in the launch of our first in-person schools community curriculum project driven by Melissa Zolty (EOLI)
and Di Dos Santos (Herzlia). 

Students elected to join one of nine Jewish community organisations for a half-day programme. Eager to expose their important work and challenges to fresh young eyes, each organisation curated a mix of experiences and case-studies, and unpacked possible career opportunities; all of which was rated by the matrics to be an inspirational and transformative debut into communal organisations. This G12 community day kick-started the schools’ community curriculum concept that emerged from the EOLI 2020 Leadership Development Programme. 

“All in all, I think JCS is a vital part of the Jewish community and that it is amazing how many Jews they help on a daily basis with their services.”

“It is truly amazing to see how our community takes care of each other. I do not think you would be able to see this in any other community.”

“This woke me up, as I live such a privileged life and often do not think that people sitting next to me or in front of me in class may not live the same life as me.”

“I also felt incredibly inspired by the way our community looks after each other.”

The matrics of 2022 are proof that it is essential to invest in the leadership of tomorrow, today. 

For more information on The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute visit: www.osrinleadership.org

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