Moving into winter

Sea Point members at Quince Restaurant

We are pleased to say that our members are beginning to really make use of our centres and attend more and more events. 

Guest speakers have been coming to our branches and members are enjoying lunches and brunches and most of all, the various outings that we offer every week. 

For the first time in over two years, we opened up in Muizenberg and had 17 people, including Rabbi Newfield, attend a wonderful morning with our guest speaker. 

Many members took up our offer of supplying and delivering of meals for Pesach and we also delivered meals at the end of Pesach to those we felt would really enjoy them. Thanks to our ever willing volunteers who assisted us to do this special task and our special driver Emmanual who single handedly delivered the meals at the end of Pesach.

Prior to lockdown each centre hosted numerous bridge and kalooki games every week, but during lockdown many people started enjoying online  bridge and we are finding it extremely difficult to encourage members to join us for a weekly game of bridge.  If you do enjoy a game and would like to play with our members, please call the office and enlist — we really do need a bank of willing players who can be called to fill in when a regular cannot play.

The weekly Trop Club — a group of enthusiastic males who used to come to our Sea Point Center to practice the weekly parasha have now returned.  They too, resorted to online during the pandemic, but will be starting up and attending every week for this very special study group.

As we move into winter and the threat of yet another wave of COVID, members are encouraged to see that they have had their booster as well as an annual flu shot which usually does the trick in keeping the dreaded flu bugs at bay.  

Three best practices for healthy ageing

Throttle back your stress — to ensure that you cultivate and sustain healthy habits you need to reduce your stress. The easiest way to is to deep breathe. This assists with changing your emotional state and calming your nervous system which really benefits the mind and body. Take some deep breaths several times a day, concentrating whilst doing so.

Nourish your body well — eating mostly plants, good food and not too much. Add more pure water to your diet plan and this will enhance your feeling well. Best practices in good nutrition are:

Eat food — real, whole food — lean meats and fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, fruits and veggies (organic, if possible), whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc.), good fats (olive or coconut oil, avocados, nut butter, etc.), dairy (if you can digest it — greek yogurt, organic cheese, etc).

Not too much — this is all about portion control.

Mostly plants — up your fruit and veggie intake, organic if possible.

Drink more water — simply start with drinking a glass of water when you wake up and at each meal.

Move your body — exercise is medicinal and moving your body will benefit you greatly with disease prevention, management of pain, increased mobility and much more.  150 minutes of moderate excercise per week or 20 —30 minutes daily of vigorous exercise does the world of good; and for muscle-strengthening, carrying groceries at least twice a week helps. Moving can be in the form of dog-walking, gardening, exercise classes, yoga or swimming.

It is amazing how good one feels after doing some form of exercise, and if the activity can enhance your living, why not try something different as a challenge to yourself?

Have a good month 
Diana Sochen, Executive Director

Social and Personal
We congratulate our members who have celebrated joyous occasions during the last month.
Marriage: Mervyn and Arona Shrand – daughter, Eldred and Eva Polikoff – granddaughter, Arnold and Hilary Murcia – granddaughter, Hannah Abramsohn – Granddaughter
Special birthday wishes: Miriam Herzfeld – 99th, Muriel Sendzel – 90th
Anniversary: Gail and Brian Kirsch – 50th, Malcolm and Annette Roup – 55th 
Wishes of strength to those who are not well: Debbie Epstein

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