Only human

By Desrae Saacks, Acting Editor Cape Jewish Chronicle

Someone said the nicest thing to me the other day. They said, “You’re only human!” 

It was a great relief to hear those words. I’m prone to the frog in the pot of boiling water syndrome. You know… as the pressure mounts, my natural instinct is to simply absorb it. So sometimes I need reminding that I don’t have to take responsibility for everything — no matter what! 

Case in point: right now, as I sit at the last possible moment on deadline day, at 12.50am on a freezing cold Sunday night wondering what on earth to write, the rest of this 36-pager has come together with the usual feast of interesting stories about interesting people saying, thinking and doing interesting things. 

And so, mindful of the fact that I am indeed only human, I have opted to give myself a break — and to share this space with information far more useful to you, dear reader, than my own midnight ramblings. 

I trust that you’ll enjoy the many good reads on the pages ahead. And the choice of paper or digital. Whichever you choose, do check out our website and social media pages! 

I’m off to bed now, making sure to set my alarm extra early to assess whether I have resolved this all-too-familiar last minute creative block, or merely deferred it. Either way — for now — this is me giving myself a break! 

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