A message from a new Olah

Letter to the editor

I left on Aliya from Cape Town two months ago and now live in Modi’in.

It is a privilege beyond words. I keep thinking, ‘this must be a dream’.

I want to say Shehecheyanu multiple times every day. There is so much to say. To observe, internalise, attempt to interpret…

Everything is a living miracle in this corner of the planet’s most dynamic 21st century site, of Holy and Unholy real estate.

At the same time, coming home to a home you are only beginning to become acquainted with is not a walk in the park. All the paradoxes are true simultaneously…

To be a Jew
Is shared destiny
On velvet carpets
Or piercing shards
To choose to link arms
In sweet song or deep lament
Is a catchment area for a soul
Immersed in ancient awareness
Of an inspirational goal.
Aliyot to the bimah are seldom awarded
To Rachel’s descendants here
But Aliya can be chosen,
In other sacred space so dear.

Zmira (aka Zelma Merle) Cohen.

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