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Welcome to the penultimate issue of the Cape Jewish Chronicle for 2022. 

As Daniel Bloch writes on page 6, “Where has the time gone?” These pages go some way to answering this question as we look back on the past month’s activity in our community. Semigration was the buzzword in our Hatfield Street offices as most of the organisations travelled to Johannesburg to take part in the BOD’s semigration expo. As one of my colleagues commented, it even made her want to move to Cape Town — and she already lives here! Read all about it on pages 8 and 9. 

Sukkot also occupied much of our communal time, as can be seen on the cover page and inside this issue. This past month has seen more holidays than any other this year, and while it has been wonderful to have so much time off, it was tricky to get this issue of the Chronicle together. Two of our regular writers, Craig Nudelman and Julian Resnick have not been available to participate, but both are expected back on our pages next month. 

We do have some great reads though. Inspired by Nigel Savage’s visit to Cape Town in September (see CJC October 2022), we have focused on environmental issues. On page 22, Anton Katz writes about The Law and Green Rights; and on page 19 Ilana Stein discusses the links between environmentalism and Judaism.

And speaking of good reads, a few weeks ago I purchased a copy of Philip Roth’s The Plot against America. Unlike many a flea market second-hand book purchase, I actually read it immediately. What a wonderful journey through the Jewish American psyche over the middle part of the twentieth century, told with great skill, imagination and humour. As it happened, by the time I was on the last pages, the Gitlin Library contacted me to say that the book I had been waiting for The Netanyahus was available. And so, back to back, I have been immersed in much the same theme. Both are wonderful books, and come highly recommended. See a review of the latter on page 21. 

Next month will be our final edition for the year — the December/January Channukah print edition. Until then, happy reading.

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