Herzlia alumni reunions

Class of 2012 (10th reunion)

It’s been reunion season at Herzlia. We’ve celebrated nearly every milestone reunion all over the globe, including one in Joburg! There’s something so wonderful about seeing old faces, reigniting memories from school and reconnecting with your alma mater.

Milestone reunions are very important at Herzlia, so each year we celebrate a 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th reunion. The class of 1974 are already organising their 50th school reunion for two years’ time in 2024!

Class of 1992 — 20th October

The 30th reunion for the class of 1992 was an online and in-person hybrid event. 30 alumni came to the school’s new FRESS canteen and 22 joined globally via Zoom. Everyone was very excited to see each other after so many years. Jonathan Wosk said “Everything went off amazingly and the programme was really excellent. It was great seeing all our old classmates – some whom I hadn’t seen for 30 years.” 

All Alumni Living in Johannesburg — 23rd October

Around 50 alumni from all year groups, even as far back as 1960, joined the Herzlia leadership team at the Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg for an evening of memories, laughter and a great walk down memory lane!

There was great interest in recent school developments and how much the school has changed since they attended they clearly still care for their ‘old’ school. 

Class of 1972 — 23rd October

On the same evening as the Joburg reunion, the class of 1972 held an event in Israel with some joining via Zoom. The Israel reunion took place over two days with a tour included in the festivities. Alumna, Jenny Tavor had this to say: “It  was FABULOUS!!!!!!!! The organisers did a monumental and superb job arranging everything. I will never ever forget it.”

Class of 2012 — 30th October

The class of 2012 celebrated their first milestone reunion (10 years since matric). Around 60 alumni joined in person on campus and a few via Zoom. They commented that they couldn’t believe how much has changed in ten  years, not only physically in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of new and modern policies being implemented in the school.

Class of 1982

Earlier this year, the class of 1982 held a reunion at Café Riteve and more recently another 11 members of this year group gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alumna Sharon Stillman remarked, “lots of reminiscing, tributes, and laughs were had.” 

If you’re keen to organise your school reunion in 2023 please be in touch with the Herzlia Alumni Association: oldherz@herzlia.com.

Herzlia Alumni Association oldherz@herzlia.com

Website: The Herzlia Foundation Trust , Website: United Herzlia Schools

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