Habonim Machaneh — makes my life so beautiful

Sayarim (Grade 10s) having a jol at Ruach

It feels so good to say that after three years, the heartbeat of Habonim Dror Southern Africa was pulsing once again. Last year, we experienced a slow easing back into normalcy. We slowly re-learned how to interact with each other once again, Zoom ‘waiting rooms’ turned into classrooms, and masks were phased out with smiles instead. However, there was one thing missing from community life, and that was Machaneh. Although it felt great to breathe once again, the stagnation of our youth movements could be felt across the community. But this December, the final piece of the Covid relief package was put into place! 

Being back on the campsite felt surreal — intellectual conversations and activities and funny experiences that made memories to last a lifetime. For three years we were going off past memories… but now new ones have been made. 

Months of preparation by madrichim ensured the success and smooth-running of Machaneh. But more importantly, everyone had such fun and creative energy, which really set the tone for camp. Whether it was belting our lungs out during Havdallah, getting a tan at the beach, or making an ‘outdoor slip and slide’ during the rain, Machaneh Hashivah Habayta will go down in history as one of our best Machanot to date! Further, it signifies the beginning of an exciting chapter for HDSA. Now, we have something to build upon. 

We can’t wait to bring engaging activities covering Israel, Judaism, and South Africa throughout the year… as well as the insane fun for which Habo is known. Riding the momentum from Machaneh, we hosted Veida from the 20 – 24 January. Veida occurs every two years, and is when the Bogrim body comes together to make changes to our Chukkah (constitution), as we are always looking to adapt our constitution in line with the mindset of the current bogrim body, in an effort to avoid stagnation. 

This will be followed by Hanhaggah seminar, where leadership will plan the year ahead.

Cape Town Jewish community, Habo is officially back! — Brad Gottschalk, Rosh Ken Cape Town

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