Oasis Care Centre


Oasis Care Centre is located within the Oasis Retirement Resort in Century City. The Care Centre and Sectional Title Apartment blocks within the resort are situated alongside acres of landscaped gardens and ponds. 

The sophisticated and luxurious facility is built around an attractive central courtyard and pond. It provides 3 phases of long term care, namely Assisted Living (for those who are relatively independent but do require daily assistance), Frail Care (for those who are less mobile and independent and who require more intensive care), and Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care (for those who are diagnosed with such a condition). Our Lifestyle and Wellness Manager, assisted by a full-time Occupational Therapist and outsourced Activities and Outings Co-ordinator, together with management and nursing and care staff, provide regular activities and outings that are appropriate across the spectrum of residents. Our aim is to offer every single resident the opportunity to live life to the fullest according to his or her ability and inclination. We also encourage and take great pleasure in the friendships that evolve among residents. 

There is also a specialised Physical Rehabilitation wing for post-hospital step down therapy and care.  Physical Rehabilitation (Phys Rehab) patients are typically admitted after hip, knee or shoulder operations, other surgeries, heart attacks, strokes and/or other medical traumas. Patients are admitted for varying periods as authorised by the medical aids. The dedicated Patient Care Co-ordinator liaises with both the patients and/or their family as well as the referring doctors and wards.  The multidisciplinary team consists of, but is not limited to, the attending Doctors, Rehab Nursing and Care team, physio, occupational and speech therapists, as well as a dietician and a social worker. The team is outcome based-driven to ensure the best possible results for the patients and their families. The Phys Rehab is an accredited service provider to Discovery Health Care members who are on its CCP program for medically complex patients.

We retain the services of a medical practice that also has fully equipped rooms at the entrance to the resort. The attending doctor is available to the long term residents as well as Phys Rehab patients and one of the 2 doctors from the practice is onsite at the Care Centre for a large part of the day, as well as being on call after hours in case of emergency.

The Care Centre also provides a Primary Health Care service to Oasis Apartments residents within the resort that includes a daily clinic, monitoring of residents and 24-hour emergency call outs.

Formal Accreditations and Licencing:

  • Board of Health Funders of South Africa Practice Number for Phys Rehab
  • Department of Health license for Phys Rehab
  • Department of Social Development license for Long Term Frail Care
  • Adult Mental Health License for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Specific
  • Member of National Hospital Network
  • Contracted to Discovery Health Care Co-ordination programme for Phys Rehab

All this means that we are regularly inspected and assessed and held to the highest standards by various authorities and institutions. This is a challenge that we embrace in the interests of our residents and patients. We are proud that we are often referred to as a standard bearer against which others may be measured.

There are residents and patients of various religious persuasions including a sizable Jewish community in the long term phases. We incorporate the Jewish festivals into our yearly calendar. On Pesach matzah is made available to residents who do not wish to eat bread. On Rosh Hashanah we hold a special event open also to Oasis Apartments residents with an explanation followed by the blowing of the shofar by a member of the Milnerton shul and with the serving of apples and honey. On Channukah we hold a party with explanations, candle lighting and songs…and of course the serving of doughnuts, and we are again joined by residents of the Oasis Apartments, and this reinforces a sense of community.

Visit our website: www.oasiscarecentre.co.za

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