Happy birthday to Wynberg’s centurion!

Dvora with her 2 daughters, Judy on left and Bev on right celebrating her birthday

Reaching the age of 100 and remaining in pretty good health is no mean feat. But doing so when the odds seemed so stacked against one makes it a truly remarkable feat!

Wynberg resident, Dvora Schweitzer, turns 100 today. What a wonderful occasion! Best wishes for a lovely birthday!

Dvora faced many challenges during her life but she turned so many of these into opportunities. Born in Poland a century ago and having to cope with the bad economic conditions her family faced, she moved to Czechoslovakia as a small child, and then escaped Europe in 1939 by settling in the then Palestine. While this move gave her the opportunity to leave the rising terror of Nazism, it must have been a particularly traumatic time for her since, as a mere teenager, she left her entire family behind. In fact, she did not ever see her parents again.

Having faced the difficulties relating to moving to countries where different languages were spoken, Dvora’s childhood was not easy. And, to add to this, her schooling was interrupted when she moved to Palestine.

Despite this, she gained an education in her later years, studying social work and working as a social worker in East London. She had come to South Africa after meeting and marrying a South African man whom she met while serving in the British Army.

Dvora is celebrating her birthday with her two daughters, Judy and Beverley, and her two sons, Robert and Martin, and with the love of her many grandchildren and her great-grandchild. The Jewish community of Cape Town joins them in wishing her a wonderful birthday!

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