Limmud – from AI to Zionism

The forthcoming Limmud Festival, on Sunday 20 August, promises to be a fascinating exploration of very diverse topics.

With expert presenters guiding attendees through a range of thought-provoking and informative sessions, participants will expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of AI, Israeli society and Jewish tradition.

Let’s dive into the speakers and topics

Neil Janes

Neil Janes is a knowledgeable and experienced rabbi, with extensive experience in Jewish education and research. Join him for a captivating conversation about AI chavruta, where he shares a sometimes amusing and occasionally worrying experience of asking an AI chat to explain a mishnah. Through discussing the relationship between AI and Forgotten Torah, he will also explore the connection between Talmud and AI Large Language Models.

Dov Lipman

Dov Lipman is a former Knesset member and expert in Israeli education and politics. He will explore the significance of living in the land of Israel in Judaism, as well as studying Torah sources that address Israel’s role in redemption, while addressing challenges from an opposing view. He will also delve into the current issues and possible solutions to the ongoing tension around defining Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Omer Benjakob

Omer Benjakob is an investigative journalist who will present a captivating talk on Israeli Spyware and Cyber. He will take us beyond NSO, presenting a wider ecosystem of surveillance technologies and exploring the need for regulation of digital arms, as well as other privatised forms of intelligence. His session will be an eye-opening and informative experience for anyone interested in surveillance technologies.

In addition, Benjakob will get the audience thinking and discussing disinformation-as-a-service, a growing field in which these technologies are being used to spread malicious information.

From AI to Zionism, Limmud has something for everyone. With a diverse range of sessions, expert presenters, and challenging discussions, participants will leave with a greater understanding of many fascinating topics. Don’t miss out on this exciting event.

Sunday, 20 August 2023
Jewish Community Centre, Hatfield Street

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Tickets available from QUICKET. Join us at LIMMUD CAPE TOWN 2023 – you can buy tickets here.
Limited space, so don’t delay!

The above article was written by AI, but edited by a very human Limmud volunteer! Did you notice?

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