Making the best of winter blues

Milnerton members with the beautiful knitted garments which they donate

If you look at our photos this month, you can definitely see how our members cope with the winter blues.  

Each centre has been busy with wonderful happenings and outings. Each day of the week one has the option of remaining home alone, or joining a group of happy seniors who participate in and enjoy the activities we have on offer. 

Our art classes are particularly popular and enjoyed as are the weekly outings. Each day of the week one of our branches has access to our driver and combi. On a first-come, first-served basis, there is a different outing of interest that is always enjoyable. Our guest speakers this month have given talks on a lifetime of sailing and the adventures that were enjoyed (John Levin), Adaptive Surfing, the role of a woman in a man’s world (Helen Millson), and a representative of the NSRI speaking on the incredible voluntary work that is done by their NGO. 

We hosted a special housewarming evening at our Sea Point home, with numerous sponsors and community leaders coming through the door, many of them for the first time. Each one had fabulous compliments to offer when they saw what has been done since we joined forces with the UJW at their Stonehaven home. There is certainly a lovely vibe and many people pop in throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there has also been much sadness this month with a few of our long-standing and much-loved members passing on. Members know that our social workers are available at all times to support family members who are grieving, and know about the bereavement counselling services offered by Nechama. We will miss each one of our members who have passed. Special mention is made of Sybil Castle who has been an integral part of our Yiddish team giving weekly Yiddish classes to many of our members. She will be sorely missed by all. We wish everyone grieving for a loved one, strength, happy memories and especially long life. CJSA is richer for having had each member in our lives.

Please take time to read our weekly programme which is sent out each week, together with an online YouTube link to many different documentaries, movies and shows that can be enjoyed during the long, cold winter evenings.

Have an enjoyable month — stay healthy and warm.

Diana Sochen
Executive Director

Social and Personal
We congratulate our members who have had joyous occasions during the last month.

Batmitzvah: Lessa Gordon – Granddaughter

Engagement: Rene and Theo Musikanth — Grandson

Marriage: Eunice Mofsowitz – Grandson (in Israel)

Welcome to new members: Jennifer Miller, Avril Galp, Peter Tuchten, Charlotte Cohen, Rita Herman

Well wishes to those who have been under the weather:  Harriet Hoffman, Carrie Clift, Sandra Cohen, Edie Busch, Charlotte Berson

Our wishes of strength to family of members who have recently passed away: Lucy Woolf, Wolsley Jacobson, Barbara Newman, Sybil Castle, Hannah Abramsohn. They will all be remembered with respect and love.

Cape Jewish Seniors Association
Director: Diana Sochen, 021 434 9691,
Admin: Amanda, 021 434 9691,
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