The Switch Project Launch

The last few years have changed the trajectory of peoples’ lives and businesses. It was a tough time! Businesses and individuals were forced to “pivot” in order to save themselves. Several community members found themselves under the care of Jewish Community Services (JCS).  

Staffwise has partnered with JCS to get these candidates back on their feet, through a mentorship programme known as The Switch Project. This “Returnship” programme uses on-site training, mentoring and networking to help professionals and candidates to return to work. With the support of generous donors, stipends are paid to those candidates who qualify for the programme – in addition to the support provided by JCS.  With the help of business partners, these candidates are given a skills boost, on the job training and experience, at no extra cost to the businesses. In return, these candidates help to fill needed positions within the hosting business. 

Success has shown that the candidates thrive within this environment, allowing them to regain their confidence, dignity, hope and get their lives back on track, as well as improving their chances of finding permanent job placements within the businesses, our community network or beyond.  Staffwise, working with JCS, manages and supports the entire process on behalf of the candidates and the businesses, making this a seamless and easy project for all. This reciprocal programme has been successful to date with 41% of these JCS candidates being employed. 

Staffwise hopes to continue to make a difference in our valued business partners’ and our candidates’ lives, and in supporting the amazing work done by JCS through programmes like The Switch Project.  

Should your business be interested in The Switch Project, or for any of your recruitment needs, please contact Staffwise on 0214646764 or email

Staffwise are specialists in recruitment, employment, outsourcing, career guidance, internships and more. Working within and beyond the community, together with businesses large and small, matchmaking the right candidate for the right position and company culture, and helping our people to be the best they can be. Their success speaks for itself!

Staffwise, call 0214646764 or email

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