Art and technology combine at Herzlia Weizmann Primary

Origami (Japanese paper folding)

Herzlia Weizmann Primary recently held an interesting exhibition of children’s art – but with a difference. In addition to the art on display, other elements of the school curriculum for each grade were incorporated in the exercise, providing an integrated learning experience that incorporated a range of parts of the curriculum.

The artwork was displayed along a gallery walk and, as one walked along, paper with QR Codes accompanied particular displays of art. Art, Music and Drama performances were linked to a curriculum topic for each grade. Parents could scan the QR codes relevant to their child/ren, then watch these performances on their devices. 

The concept was developed by Calene Kruger, Herzlia Weizmann Primary’s Drama teacher, and involved the support of most of the other teaching staff. The idea was to create a truly integrated experience, with the academic curriculum as
the centre and the stimulus.

The artwork was conceptualised and displayed by Zoe Sher, Talia Eales, Hayley Gibbs and Jacqui Zacks, all of whom teach art at Weizmann. In addition, there was performance work which was organised by Calene Kruger (drama teacher) and Albert Karating (music teacher). Other staff members got involved in filming videos and in working with the technology to generate QR codes.

In addition to the learning that took place in terms of the academic elements and the art, drama and music, the children were fascinated by the QR Codes, which they scanned and watched with great interest and enjoyment! They learned that a theme can be expressed in many different ways, be these via the written or spoken word, song or visual arts. The experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one.

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