A drink isn’t just a drink – it’s an experience


For generations, the Jewish community in Cape Town has been marking life’s most significant occasions – weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, and Bar Mitzvahs – with joy, tradition, and a deep sense of community. To us, these rare events are not just ceremonies; they are the culmination of heritage, family, and personal journeys. Yet, as with all traditions, there’s room for evolution, ensuring that each generation can weave the thread of their unique stories into the braid of age-old celebrations.

For the last 20 years, Thirst has been proving that a drink isn’t just a drink – it’s an experience. Whether it’s a signature wedding cocktail that tells the unique tale of a couple’s love story. Or a Bar Mitzvah smoothie created from all the young man’s favourite chocolates and chips. Thirst lives to make every sip more than a sip.

As couples and young people lean into telling their unique stories, personalisation is trending in 2023 – and we want to help tell it, one liquid experience at a time.

While we’re happiest at the forefront of modern mixology, we deeply respect the importance of Jewish traditions. For instance, the wine blessing, a central part of both weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, can be complemented with a specially curated wine list, ensuring that the sanctity of the ritual is upheld while offering guests a premium experience.

With social media an intrinsic part of our lives, Thirst also designs events that are not just memorable but ‘shareable’. You are welcome to explore more on our website.

Safety and comfort in 2023

The past few years have taught us the importance of safety, and this lesson has yet to be lost on Thirst. As families begin to gather for weddings and the holiday season, health and safety are always on our minds. From ensuring that all staff adhere to the strictest hygiene standards to offering memorable non-alcoholic drinks and concoctions for guests of all ages, the comfort of loved ones is our biggest priority at any event.

We wish you the best on your joyous day and all the love, laughter, and blessings that these occasions bring. Mazeltov!

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