#BringThemHomeNOW activations in Cape Town

30 Days

7th NOVEMBER 2023, we marked 30 days since the horrific crimes committed by Hamas. 

As we held the posters of the kidnapped victims, we were reminded that history is cruelly repeating itself. Families torn apart, lives shattered, and innocent souls held hostage. It is a heart-breaking reality that we, as a global community, cannot ignore. 

Among us were Holocaust survivors, their stories etched on their skin. Among us were children, grandchildren and family members who grew up hearing the painful echoes of the past. 

We were united by a shared history, a history we refuse to see repeat itself. We cannot allow these heinous acts to go unanswered. We refuse to stand by while innocent lives are destroyed. We demand justice, humanity, and compassion. Let our collective voice echo far and wide: #BringThemHomeNOW. These souls were kidnapped from Israel, but they are a part of all of us. We will not rest until they are safely reunited with their families.

History cannot repeat itself.
Not on our watch. 

Shul installations

Various installations set up before Shabbat in solidarity with our brothers and sisters held hostage. May these seats soon be filled… 

Claremont Shul Installation:

Blue Ribbons Campaign

Wearing our blue ribbons proudly. This social media initiative was first launched in America, creating awareness and giving visibility to the ongoing situation of the hostages and our beloved Israel. We stand proudly as South African Jews with Israel and launched this campaign a few short weeks after the horrific crimes that took place.

Our community members wore their blue ribbons in solidarity and support for the safe return of the hostages. #BlueRibbonsforIsrael #BringThemHomeNOW

Keeping the awareness

#BringThemHomeNOW Campaign. Keeping the awareness, keeping the hope, light and prayer for all the hostages to be released.

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