Centenary of Ceres Synagogue

2023 marks the 100th year since the establishment of the synagogue in Ceres. Jos Kahn, a resident of nearby Prince Alfred Hamlet, has been integrally involved in keeping the history of Jewish Ceres and the nearby towns alive.

Jos shared with us a presentation about the history, which you can view here, or click on the image below.

He also provided information about some of the notable families from the area. Here is a list of surnames that you may recognise from a bygone era:
Arnholz: Founder of the Inland Transport Company and the first magistrate of Ceres
Baumann: A store-owner and the Chairman of the Ceres Hebrew Congregation at the time of the building of the synagogue in 1923.
Kahn: Hotelier in nearby Prince Alfred Hamlet.
Katzenellenbogen: The family were hoteliers in nearby Wolseley. Isaac Katzenellenbogen served as mayor in the 1970s.
Kirsch: Well-known in the agricultural sector, specifically for the growing of plums.
Natas: A Reverend, and Hebrew and Jewish studies teacher
Metter: General dealer. Wolf Metter served as Chair of the Ceres Hebrew Congregation for many years.
Raskin: Cooldrink and bottle manufacturer
Sarembock: A leader in the agricultural sector; most well-known for the apple industry that Ceres is associated with.


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