Mazal Tov Herzlia Matric class of 2023!

The results of Herzlia’s Matric Class of 2023 are phenomenal in light of the turbulent times that pupils faced. This tight-knit group has an incredible spirit and a love for Herzlia – especially Herzlia pride and embracing the values of Jewish life.

Mazal Tov to Ethan Myers for being the “2023 NSC National Top Candidate in South Africa for Independent Schools” with 9 distinctions out of 9 subjects, including Further Studies English and Mathematics.

General Statistics for Herzlia High School Matric Class of 2023:

  • 72 Matric candidates
  • 100% Matric pass rate in an academically inclusive school
  • 252 Individual subject distinctions, with 9 of these distinctions being achieved in Further Studies Mathematicsand English
  • Average of 3.5 distinctions per candidate, including Further Studies Mathematics and English.
  • 2023 NSC National Top Candidate in South Africa for Independent Schools, with a total of 9 distinctions out of 9 subjects, including Further Studies English and Mathematics
  • 9 subject distinctions: 1 pupil
  • 8 subject distinctions: 4 pupils
  • 7 subject distinctions: 9 pupils
  • 6 subject distinctions: 7 pupils
  • 5 subject distinctions: 4 pupils
  • 4 subject distinctions: 13 pupils
  • 3 subject distinctions: 5 pupils
  • 2 subject distinctions: 5 pupils
  • 1 subject distinction: 9 pupils

Kudos must be given to Herzlia teachers who supported matric pupils on their academic journey. Their commitment to always going the extra mile has been instrumental in their success. The work of Herzlia’s Counselling and Educational Support Department (SEED) has also provided invaluable support, care and guidance to pupils and their parents, as well as to the teaching staff. Their contribution is a significant part of what makes Herzlia’s educational experience so powerful. The fact that Herzlia is an academically inclusive school makes the matric results even more impressive. This also includes 11 pupils who chose to extend themselves through writing IEB Further Studies Mathematics and English. 

Herzlia offers a truly holistic education, which is not only results-oriented, but focuses on the values, skills and relationships that pupils develop during their time as part of the close, caring school community. Support, encouragement and guidance from Herzlia’s parents, the Jewish community and the UHS Board keeps the school running smoothly.

The 2023 Matric results are not just about academic scores: they reflect the broader values, skills, and relationships that Herzlia pupils develop during their school years.

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