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Cordula Pfuegl presents to the ORT Jet Cape Town audience.

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Social media can be a valuable tool for business, but using it wisely and to the greatest effect takes some thinking. At a recent workshop organised by ORT Jet Cape Town, Cordula Pfluegl, a specialist in the Marketing field with a particular interest in the use of social media, provided valuable guidance on using LinkedIn for business. 

Choosing LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business certainly has merit. It’s a platform that is steadily growing, and already has 135 million active daily users, with 11 million being in South Africa. Of the 135 million, almost 60 million are company profiles, which demonstrates that it is seen as being of value in the business arena.

Cordula adds that, “In terms of more recent developments in the world of technology, it’s also useful to consider that LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft. And, since Microsoft is the main driver of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, there is every reason to expect that LinkedIn will be enhanced by AI in the future.”

In her own use of LinkedIn for business, Cordula realised the potential for the platform when she posted a recommendation for something. The post proved extremely popular, achieving 160 000 hits. “This demonstrates that a good post can reach a substantial number of people, even if you don’t have a large number of Followers on LinkedIn yourself,” she comments.

When using LinkedIn for your business, it’s valuable to understand a bit about how the LinkedIn algorithm works. Here are a few insights you should take note of:

● The algorithm evaluates content in the first 60 minutes after it has been posted. If the content proves to be of interest in that period and you achieve some responses – Likes, Shares or Comments – the post will remain visible for a further six hours. The algorithm also assesses factors such as the amount of time other people dwelled on the post, and whether the post was reshared.

Bearing in mind this time factor, you should post content when most people are active on LinkedIn. Cordula explained that mornings are best, and that it is not a good idea to post over weekends.

● A share without a Comment is of less value than when a Comment is included by the sharer.

● The algorithm does not like the inclusion in a post of a link to another website, because LinkedIn is set up with a view to the user staying on the platform.

● While tagging other people or businesses has value, the algorithm does not like posts that tag more than five profiles. So, be selective about who you tag.

● The algorithm can identify AI-generated material, and it does not like posts with this sort of content. “In essence,” says Cordula, “authentic content carries far more weight. It’s also more credible to your audience.” 

When it comes to developing content for LinkedIn, Cordula stresses that simple text, written well, is crucial. “You can reuse content that’s appeared elsewhere,” she explains. “If you have a blog on your firm’s website, for instance, reuse that content – and consider republishing existing content in a newsletter that you post with some regularity.”

As for images, non-branded pictures work best – again, it’s about authenticity. Images of people tend to attract attention. Video content can also be useful, but it should be carefully selected and not be too long.

To attract more people as Followers, you can apply a few techniques, such as publishing newsletters with quality content; run Q&A and advice sessions, allowing Followers and guests to communicate directly with your business; and provide podcasts. Running polls can also work well: this way, you can increase the engagement achieved by your posts.

Another way to attract new Followers is to post relevant material about the business on your personal LinkedIn page. That way, your own Followers will see the business communication and they may then choose to follow your business page.

Cordula also suggests that good, personal recommendations from customers can be used to boost your business on LinkedIn.

“I’ve been able to use LinkedIn very successfully in my own business ventures,” Cordelia concludes. “You can do so too.”

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