New book by Cape Town psychologist – Human psyche and aggression

Local clinical psychologist Dr Adrian Perkel recently launched his book, Unlocking the Nature of Human Aggression: A Psychoanalytical and Neuroscientific Approach. Adrian holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and a D.Phil, and has practised for many years as a psychologist specialising in individual adult and couple psychotherapy. He has also served as a lecturer in Psychology at the University of the Western Cape.

Adrian explains that, “The book is a neuropsychoanalytic and scientific exploration of aggression. I believe that the aggressive drive plays a central role in psychopathology and the genesis of individual symptoms, systemic conflicts and violence. I look at the mechanism of

aggression using data from various contexts that we can relate to, such as during the apartheid period in South Africa, and as we evidence this in theology, serial killers, and the speeches of historical figures during periods of war, such as the Second World War and the Ukrainian/ Russian conflict.”

The book makes for valuable reading for analysts in practice and training, psychologists and other mental health professionals, as well as among students and the general reader looking for a modernised theoretical model of the destructive and aggressive drive of the psyche. The arguments made in the book will facilitate better interventions for individual and couple patients, and for interventions at systemic and organisational levels.

The book is available for borrowing from the Jacob Gitlin Library and for sale from Loot (, Routledge (, and other major online retailers such as Amazon.

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