Israel Apartheid Week briefing hosted by the Cape SAJBD

Daniel Bloch dons tefillin with the assistance of Rabbi Nissen Goldman (Chabad on Campus)

The notorious Israel Apartheid Week (IAW), occurring on university campuses worldwide, unfolded throughout March. In alignment with its mission to combat antisemitism and safeguard Jewish students on campus, the Cape SAJBD, alongside the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS), Stand With Us, and Chabad on Campus, hosted two briefing sessions for students in Cape Town and Stellenbosch. 

The primary objectives of these sessions were to equip Jewish students with insights into what they might encounter on campus – such as protests, hostility, potential threats, providing guidance on how to conduct themselves on campus and access to support services.

Executive Director Daniel Bloch delved into the history of IAW, outlined the rules of engagement on campus, and offered the do’s and don’ts regarding social media and WhatsApp communication. The Board actively engages with UCT and other universities’ leadership to advocate for the safety of Jewish students, making it a secure space for them. 

These sessions play a crucial role in preparing students by proactively furnishing them with practical procedures and information to shield them from the rising wave of hatred on campus during this period.

The session held for Jewish students in Cape Town at Café Riteve
Daniel Bloch addresses the students at the Stellenbosch briefing

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