Healthy ageing – it’s so important

Milnerton Members enjoyed a fabulous outing to the Postcard Cafe

Many factors influence healthy ageing. Whilst one has no control over some, the factors underlying ageing — such as genetics, what you eat, the amount of exercise you do, a healthy diet, going to the doctor regularly, and taking care of your mental health — are within our reach, and the way in which we look after these issues certainly contributes to healthy ageing.

Independence and maintaining a good quality of life, combined with taking care of your mental health, promotes healthy ageing. As you live independently, you need to ensure that you are safe at all times and that you maintain a good diet to live optimally. Ensure that you have a good network and are socially active. Social isolation and loneliness are factors negatively impacting wellness.

As you age there are changes that take place in your body which you need to be aware of and address if these changes affect the quality of your life. Hearing loss, vision and memory loss, loss of friends and family, and disability of any sort can make it difficult for you to socialise and maintain friendships, often increasing isolation and making one feel lonely.

Loneliness is extremely debilitating. You may be in a room filled with people but, if you have any sort of disability, you may feel excluded and lonely. Loneliness makes you feel alone or separated and this feeling is very distressing. Social isolation occurs when your social circle decreases and there is a lack of interaction with people. Those who are socially isolated or feel lonely are more likely to be agitated, suffer from sleep deprivation, and have a greater propensity to heart disease and depression.

Being socially active is so beneficial. In Cape Town, our ageing community is lucky to have an organisation such as Cape Jewish Seniors which helps meet all their needs. There is certainly no need for anyone to be alone or socially isolated as right across the Peninsula our branches have activities that cater for every need. Whether you are creative or artistic, enjoy music, need exercise or merely want to chat, there is an opportunity almost every day of the week to find a like-minded person with whom to spend quality time. There is also the opportunity to chat confidentially to a social worker in a safe environment where your needs can be met and worries allayed. 

Outings are top of the list for enjoyment,and we are fortunate to have two drivers who take our members out and about every week
to special places. We have just enjoyed our annual getaway to Goudini where members had a fabulous time.  

Our art and craft exhibition was a wonderful success with members exhibiting beautiful work and enjoying a special day as they viewed the display. How proud they were when one of their creations was bought by a guest who popped in to see the exhibition.

We are about to celebrate Pesach and, more than ever this year, as we utter the words, “Let my People Go”, each one of us will be praying for the safe return and the release of all the hostages who are still in captivity.

We wish you a Chag Pesach Sameach whilst you enjoy your seders with those you love.

Diana Sochen, Executive Director

Social and Personal

We congratulate our members who have had joyous occasions during the last month.
Births:Pia Kaplan – birth of great-grandson, Zilla Kudo – great-grandson
Barmitzvah:Hannan and Tzippi Brivik – grandson
Anniversary:Shirley and Hymie Kaplan – 50th
Special Birthday: Nigel Brooker – 80th, Lena Kantor – 86th, Les Vides – 93rd 

Welcome to new members: Gayle and Michael Blumenthal, Barry Katz, Kim Tucker

Congratulations: To Aaron Gersh who came 7th in his age group in the Argus Cycle Tour. There were 120 people in his age group.

Condolences and wishes of Long Life to: Shirley Cohen on the passing of her niece Harry Faktor on the passing of his wife, Marcia

Well wishes extended to those who have been under the weather. You have been in our thoughts:
Thelma Rozen, Bernice Kaplan

Cape Jewish Seniors Association
Director: Diana Sochen, 021 434 9691,
Admin: Amanda, 021 434 9691,
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