2008 February

feb_thumbThis February issue covers two months of activity, there having been no communication with readers since the beginning of December. And, naturally, during the past eight or so weeks much has happened within the community, beginning with Channukah and with many a memorable event taking place, as ever, during the ‘festive season’.

Engagements and weddings always play a significant part in raising spirits and bringing joy at this time of year.

Unfortunately, this month does not reflect much evidence of them, specifically the latter, the reason being that the happy couples tend to take their time in selecting their photographs – probably because they prefer to spend such time far more enjoyably on their respective honeymoons. But there has been much else to cover in this 40 page issue.

Fantastic matric results, graduation highlights, machaneh excitement – farewells and welcomes.

And always there must be sadness and loss, that aspect of life not being put on hold for the sake of festive joy. Two well known and loved communal leaders who passed away towards the end of last year are remembered in this issue.

Significantly, the issue enables readers to see what’s ahead in the next while. Important business of the communal year begins in February – launches, AGMs, exhibitions, lead-ups to major anniversaries, as the current programme in ‘counting down’ to Israel’s 60th.

Here, then, is an ‘overview’ of the issue, as a ‘trailer’ of what can be read. There is much more of communal and human interest, plus all the regular features – the monthly columns, chronic ads, family announcements etc, although the Diary Highlights has been discontinued.
And we are so gratified to note the ongoing and increased support of advertisers, who wish to associate themselves with the community, and who, we hope, will have that support reciprocated.

So, basically, the cycle begins again. We hope you enjoy this issue and remain with us for the 2008 ride, which, we trust will be a good one for us all.


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