Bnoth Zion WIZO Yom Tov market

The annual Yomtov Market held by Bnoth Zion WIZO is the largest fundraising event of the year and members of the organisation work very hard to make it a success. Their efforts are rewarded when crowds representing all age groups arrive to have fun, buy their yomtov gifts and ‘gerichten’ and enjoy the occasion.

This year’s many activities for young children in the outside marquee included an animal farm and a magician show and were well organised by enthusiastic Aviv branches. The main hall was well stocked with tables displaying gift presentations, homemade cakes, biscuits, kichlach, and taiglach. And bargains were available at the collectibles and jewellery stalls.

Gift presentations made it easy for those shopping for yomtov gifts and, as ever, there was plenty of traditional fare to eat — bagels and salmon, hot beef on rye, cheese blintzes, bulkes, hot soup and perogen, as well as fresh farm strawberries, boerewors rolls, hotdogs, samoosas and spring rolls.

The activity levels were high, both before and during this popular market, and the shared input of members, young and old, is an indication of how united the BZA WIZO members are in working for the benefi t of our deserving projects in Israel.


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