Israeli expert David Olesker promotes advocacy skills in all arenas

David Olesker with the workshop group.

Over thirty students, young leaders and youth movement members were treated to an intensive, challenging and exciting Israel Advocacy workshop with David Olesker, founder of Jerusalem Centre for Communication and Advocacy Training.

Olesker explained complex ideas and concepts through entertaining stories and a compelling discussion. A real-life simulation allowed these skills to be put into practice, and all participants contributed to the many aspects of the workshop. Learning skills of advocacy, marketing and strategy — this was definitely an investment in one’s future, community, campus and career.

At a luncheon the following day the WPZC/BOD media committee, Board members and honorary officers met with David Olesker to discuss strategy and skills with a fresh focus. David shared his perspective of Israel advocacy specifically in the South African context and challenged those present with original and proactive approaches in this arena. Questions from the large group brought further theoretical and practical suggestions to the table.

Both the student workshop and the community luncheon were buoyed with energy and enthusiasm for future endeavours and positive, proactive approaches. The events demonstrated that there is space for further student initiatives and community think-tank forums.


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